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Photographed by Marie Deteneuille

Pablo is a young French director, songwriter and musician (under his Moodoïd moniker) based in Paris.

He started filming at the age of 14 when he lived in the countryside in the south of France. He quickly took advantage of the great outdoors to shoot short films. To tell his stories, often surreal and burlesque, he creates his own sets with very few means.
After studying film, Pablo moves to Paris and begins making music videos for artists such as Juliette Armanet and Mathieu Boogaerts, while preserving the visual poetry that has accompanied him throughout his childhood.
Acid-pop universe, sometimes surreal, Pablo is a very sensitive director, able to show his signature in the world of fashion and beauty.

As Moodoïd, Pablo has two albums so far to his name (Le Monde Möö, Cité Champagne) as well as a number of EPs and remixes for others

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